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Nationwide Heavy Haulers

Moving large and over-dimensional equipment

Moving large and over-dimensional equipment is quite the hassle. You need specialized type of equipment and knowledge, especially if you are moving them across the country. Nationwide Heavy Haulers is a professional trucking company which provides a wide array of heavy hauling services to its clients.
Whether it is moving heavy loads or equipment hauling, Nationwide Heavy Haulers is the most trusted and reliable heavy haulers available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our unrivaled rigging expertise and in-depth knowledge in heavy hauling minimizes the costs and eliminates the hassle of transport for large projects.

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Our Clients Move Their Heavy Loads, Construction and Farming Equipment Across The U.S. and More!


Top Tier Hauling Company

Nationwide Heavy Haulers

Readily available to offer its clients with the highest quality of service possible. We take immeasurable pride in serving our customers and surpassing their expectations. Our large equipment inventory and heavy hauling expertise put us on the map as one of the leading trucking companies nationwide. Some of our numerous services include but not limited too:
Heavy Equipment Transport, Flatbed Trucking, Low Bow Trailers, Construction Equipment Moving, Heavy Equipment Hauling.

Affordable Heavy Equipment Transportation

Our company has a wide variety of equipment to transport your over-size and over-dimensional heavy loads. From dual-transporters to dolly rig systems, we offer you the most suitable vehicle which best fits your needs. Our experienced heavy transportation drivers ensure your loads comply with all state and national standards as well as per-axle weight requirements.
Similarly, we offer cheap and reliable transportation of your oversized loads. Our heavy hauling experts will ensure your heavy load is matched with the right type of equipment so you can focus on other aspects of your business. We specialize in cranes transportation, uniquely dimensional equipment, catastrophic recovery, and rigging and millwright machinery.

Drop Deck or Flatbed Trailers

Drop deck trailers are the new and innovative means of heavy hauling transportation. Their versatility enables any freight to be comfortably moved from one place to another. A drop deck trailer does not contain sides, a roof or doors, and it utilizes two deck levels. Due to their open layout, they can be a great choice to consider when transporting heavy equipment.

Heavy Equipment Hauling

When transporting heavy and delicate machinery, you require an equipment hauling company which has the experience and expertise in heavy equipment hauling. Heavy haul trucking company is equipped to handle all types of loads and has spent years catering to the needs of clients, just like you. We are your trusted heavy hauling company for all your hauling needs.

Whether it is the relocation of cranes and excavators, we got you covered. Heavy haul trucking company has immeasurable skill and knowledge to help in preventing damage to your equipment and the environment.


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When looking for a heavy haulers trucking company, there are certain considerations you need to look out for. Some of them include:

  • What type of equipment are you transporting?
  • How heavy is the load and what are its dimensions?
  • What kind of permits is required?
  • Do they guarantee on-time delivery?

Conduct extensive research on different hauling companies in your area and become conversant with their services. Compare each one to the other and determine which haul company is best suited to cater for your needs.

Transporting heavy loads does not need to be a complicated process. By choosing Nationwide Heavy Haulers, you are guaranteed reliable deliveries and professional heavy hauling services. Contact us if you need to move any oversized equipment, minus the logistical nightmare.

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