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PowerDot is the world’s first, FDA cleared, smart electrical muscle stimulator. Controlled by our app on your mobile device, PowerDot is the most portable and …

Drive Axle Weight Limit The Federal gross weight limit on the Interstate System is 80,000 pounds unless the Bridge Formula dictates a lower weight limit. single-axle Weight —The total weight on one or more axles whose centers are spaced not more than 40 inches apart. There are various rules and regulations regarding the legal weight limit of your steer
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How to book good freight loads on DAT Power and see truck to load ratiosDAT offices will be closed November 22nd in observance of Thanksgiving. We will reopen November 23rd from 4AM-2PM Pacific time. As always, all DAT products will continue to operate normally.

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DAT Load Boards. DAT Power DAT Express™ DAT TruckersEdge®. Brokers and carriers use DAT LaneMakers® to find new business partners when trucks or loads are hard to find on certain lanes.

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DAT Load Boards. DAT Power DAT Express™ DAT TruckersEdge®. #1 for Truck Capacity. More trucks, more choice, more visibility. 1.3+ million trucks in DAT super-database.

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